Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Good Article on Mark Clayton

I didn't realize he was so small and slow when he came to OU. Really puts his career accomplishments in perspective. I expect he will have a great pro career.


Monday, April 18, 2005

Stanley the "Steamer"

For most people, especially Bengals fans, the name Stanley Wilson evokes anger and hatred for his drug-addled episode the night before Super Bowl XXIII. But if you are like me you try to remember him as a sought after recruit from California and one of Switz's finest running backs. He is now serving a 22 year sentence in California after a relapse in 1999. The LA Times has a good story about him and how he follows his son's career from prison. His son graduates from Stanford this year and is expected to be drafted Saturday in the NFL draft somewhere around the 3rd around.

Dusty's Hurt

By all indications it was a great day for the defense in the annual Red/White scrimmage Saturday, but we have now learned that the soul of the defense, Dusty Dvoracek, will be out 4-5 months after tearing a bicep during the scrimmage. I've read conflicting reports about his return, but Stoops seems to think he will be back by the opener. The real question then becomes how physically ready will he be at that point if he can't work out, lift etc. up until that point. Stay tuned.

Article here.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Waiting is the Best Thing When Picking a QB

...at least according to Jenni Carlson in this Oklahoman article this morning. But according to her, why should the coaches wait to pick a QB? Because no one has stood out? Because the coaches have only had 15 or so practice to evaluate them with the current roster? Because some of the potential players with whom each QB will be playing haven't hit campus yet? Because the first game is months away? No, Jenni says wait, because one might transfer, and to her sensitive soul that's just not fair to the players. Thing is she doesn't suggest that that's the reason the coaches haven't named a starter, she says that that is the reason. Even skewing a quote by Chuck Long to make her point. Ridiculous. Stoops has always been open about the fact that each player on the roster will have the opportunity to start if they earn it. They all knew of the possibility that they might not start. Granted someone may eventually transfer if they don't, but it's doubtful that Stoops hasn't named a starter for that reason.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ball Catchers Undergoing Changes

Transcript has an article about the receiving corp this year and their adjustment to as yet un-named new QB and the amount of responsibility falling to veterans Travis Wilson and JeJuan Rankins.

It will be interesting to see how the dynamics of the receiving corp changes when the heralded newcomers hit the field in August.

The King to be Honored

From the Oklahoman"

"Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer will be honored Friday by the Knoxville Quarterback Club.

Switzer, who guided OU to three national championships and the Dallas Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory, will receive the Robert R. Neyland Memorial Trophy for outstanding leadership in intercollegiate athletics. OU's Bud Wilkinson won it in 1973."

The Greatness of Spencer Tillman

Most adults can trace their allegiance to a sports team to childhood memories. In particular specific games, plays, or athletes. It's no different for me. I can trace my love for the Sooners to Billy Sims, J.C. Watts and of course Spencer Tillman. What I didn't know at the time was that he wasn't nearly as impressive a football player as he was a person. This article in the Oklahoman explains it.

Dusty is Back

Link to Oklahoman article.

While you won't read his quotes in the paper, you can hear him on the field. Apparenlty, J.D. Quinn knows this better than anybody.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Clint Ingram Steps Up

When Bob Stoops says of you, "...one way the other, we intend to have him on the field", you know you are having a good spring practice. Junior LB Clint Igram is living up to his promise as a great athlete and has apparently made himself an indispensable part of the defense. He has grabbed so many interceptions this spring that the coaches may be able to abandon the nickel and keep 3 LB's on the field. More terror for opposing offenses.

O-Line Striving for Unity

Article in today's Oklahoman about the o-line and some of the movement along the line of certain players. Kevin Wilson will be earning his pay this year.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Blevins Weighs in on OU and OSU QB Races

According to Deano, Grady has no chance at OU, Thompson will start and will be forced to concede to Bomar by the RRS. At OSU, Donovan Woods will maintain and beat out wunderkind Bobby Reid, and Al Pena will....well who the heck is Al Pena? Oh that's who.

Bomar pulls ahead?

Of course, we'll never know what the coaches think because in their public words it's still a three-way race, and all indications are that it will remain that way into the fall. However, in the eyes of many who were there to observe the scrimmage on Saturday, Rhett Bomar took a step ahead.

Carter Strickland was one of those observers and he writes about it in the Oklahoman. Despite the coaching staff party line, it seems Chuck Long did get a little transparent when he said of Bomar, “I believe he did” put pressure on Tommy Grady and Paul Thompson, ... “He’s had two very good consistent scrimmages now. “(The race) is really tight right now.”